Editions & editorial work

Lutzky, Ursula and Nevala, Minna (eds.). 2019. Reference and Identity in Public Discourses. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Nevala, Minna, Lutzky, Ursula, Mazzon, Gabriella and Suhr, Carla (eds.). 2016. The Pragmatics and Stylistics of Identity Construction and Characterisation (Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English 17). Helsinki: VARIENG.

Ritt, Nikolaus, Lutzky, Ursula, Illes, Theresa, Kazmierski, Kamil and Sommerer, Lotte (eds.). 2010. Views 19(4) Special issue – Historical Linguistics in the Modern Philologies.

2010 assistant editor of Folia Linguistica Historica

Smit, Ute, Dollinger, Stefan, Hüttner, Julia, Kaltenböck, Gunther and Lutzky, Ursula (eds.). 2007. Tracing English through Time. Explorations in Language Variation. Wien: Braumüller.

2006-2008 editor of Views (Vienna English Working Papers)

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