I am a linguist, teaching and researching English communication. I started my career as Research Assistant and Lecturer at the Department of English and American studies at the University of Vienna  (2005-2010). After working at the School of English at Birmingham City University, UK, as Senior Lecturer and Co-Course Director for BA English (2010-2016), I joined the Department of Foreign-Language Business Communication at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in March 2016.

From a research point of view, I am a (historical) corpus (socio)pragmatician. That is to say that I study communication from both a synchronic and diachronic perspective using a corpus methodology and referring to sociolinguistic variables, such as gender. My definitions of both historical and corpus linguistics are rather broad: in fact, I believe that all data can be regarded as historical, even yesterday’s language data, as they were produced in the past. Likewise, a corpus is a collection of texts sampled with a specific study and research question in mind and depending on what these are, it may comprise a rather limited or large number of words or texts.

More recently, I have been studying large corpora of online media (such as the Birmingham Blog Corpus) and customer communication on social media (in particular Twitter) for their pragmatic and stylistic features. By using corpus linguistic software for the analysis of big data collections, I aim to uncover how language in use has adapted to the online environment and how communication in a business context has changed accordingly, for instance to meet customers’ needs.

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Dr Ursula Lutzky
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