Panel Organisation: “LIBRI Panel on Business Discourse and Professional Communication: From Theory to Practice” (with Almut Koester, Vienna University of Economics and Business)

June 2017, DICOEN 9, Birmingham, England


Workshop organisation: “Historical Pragmatics”

25 April 2015, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK

Seminar organisation: “Corpus pragma-stylistics” (with Carla Suhr, University of Turku)

August/September 2014, ESSE 12 (see SLANG17), Kosice, Slovakia


Workshop contribution: “eMargin – A collaborative textual annotation tool” (with Matt Gee)

May 2012, BAAL workshop, Discourse and Technology: Tools, Methods and Applications, Birmingham, UK


Workshop organisation: “Historische Linguistik in den Modernen Philologien”

December 2009, Österreichische Linguistiktagung 37 (ÖLT), Salzburg,  Austria

Paper on “Historische Sprachwissenschaft an der Anglistik Wien” (with Nikolaus Ritt, Theresa Illes and Lotte Sommerer)


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